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A Sound Mind

Innovative Support for Black Parents

Established in 2018

Funded by the Ontario Government under the Black Youth Action Plan (BYAP) Program, we provide innovative support for black families in all areas including but not limited to: counselling, referrals, mediation services, elders’ intervention, support groups, self help and joint programs. No one is turned away.

Windsor Chapter: Omoluabi Youth Club

We are providing a platform to transform the trajectory of our youths by building the correct behaviours and values necessary to prepare them for the challenges of work and life! And we are excited to be able to contribute to the future today! 

This club meets at the BCCEEP Centre | 1356 Tecumseh Rd West.
If you have any questions you can email​.

Men's Group Meeting

Men's Group Meeting

The Men’s Group Meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month in person at the BCCEEP Centre (1356 Tecumseh Rd West, Windsor, ON) and virtually over ZOOM. These meetings are a safe place to discuss all the issues that matter to you the most. 

If you have questions about the Men’s Group Meeting, email with the subject line ‘Men’s Group Meeting’.

New Baby Caravan

 If you’ve recently welcomed a precious new addition to your family in the past 6 months or are currently expecting, NCCEEP’s A Sound Mind program is here to help celebrate with our New Baby Caravan. Let’s celebrate and welcome the newest member of your family together!

Register to receive a free gift basket for the baby and the whole family.

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